Top collaborators’ car is fired on in Luhansk region

Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, has reported that partisans in Bilovodsk have fired at a car in which local collaborators were travelling. Two people were injured.

Source: Haidai on Telegram; regional information agency Vchasno

Quote from Haidai: “In occupied Bilovodsk, a car containing local Ruscist leaders has been fired upon. The so-called ‘mayor’ and his ‘deputy’ were in the car. Both are injured.”

Update: According to Vchasno, the assassination attempt was made on Vitaly Kovalenko, the so-called “head” of the occupied Bilovodsk district, and his “deputy”, the collaborator Valentina Hladkova.

They were attacked with small arms when they were on their way from Horodyshche, where Kovalenko lives. According to the media, their trip “may have been of a romantic nature”. The “deputy” is in hospital with a gunshot wound to the hip.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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