Occupiers in Mariupol assemble cages in concert hall for show trial of Ukrainian defenders – City Council

Mariupol City Council reports that the occupiers have started installing prison cages on the stage of the city’s Philharmonic Hall in order to conduct a sham trial of Ukrainian prisoners of war in September.

Source: Mariupol City Council on Telegram

Quote from Mariupol City Council: “The Russian occupiers are currently assembling prison cages on the stage of the Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic Hall. The diameter of the bars is 20 mm. The invaders plan to hold a ‘show trial’ of Ukrainian defenders in September.”

Details: Vadym Boichenko, the mayor of the city, has called on the international community, including the UN and the International Red Cross, to intervene to “prevent a second Olenivka in Mariupol”.

Source: Ukrainian pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/08/6/7362157/

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