Russian troops fire rockets at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, sensors damaged – Energoatom

On the evening of 6 August, the Russian army fired rockets at the city of Enerhodar, hitting the site of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant directly next to the area used for storing spent nuclear fuel.

Source: Energoatom (the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine), Dmytro Orlov, mayor of Enerhodar

Details: One employee was wounded by shrapnel and is now in hospital. The explosions broke the plant’s windows over an area of 800 square metres.

Energoatom reports that about 500 Russians and Rosatom staff members hid in bunkers before the attack.

Quote: They were clearly aiming specifically at the containers of spent nuclear fuel, which is stored in the open air near the sites that were hit. There are 174 containers, each of which contains 24 spent nuclear fuel assemblies!

Three radiation monitoring sensors near the plant’s dry cask storage site were damaged by the enemy rockets. It is therefore currently impossible rapidly to detect or respond to a deterioration in the radiation situation or radiation leakages from containers of spent nuclear fuel.”

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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