Russian media state that Azovstal defender “died in the pre-trial detention centre due to drugs”

Kremlin publication TASS has reported that, allegedly, one of the Ukrainian soldiers who left Azovstal “died in a pre-trial detention centre due to drugs”.

Source: TASS with reference to sources among the militants

Details: It is reported that an Azovstal defender, a fighter of the Vedmedi [Bears – ed.] Motorised Infantry Battalion, has died.

According to the theory of the propagandists, the Ukrainian military man “became addicted to drugs, which provoked complications of chronic diseases, and then his death in a pre-trial detention centre”.

The militants also said that the “case” against the fighter will be closed, but his “testimony will be taken into account by the court”.

Why this is important: The Russians are trying their best to denigrate the Azovstal defenders in front of their audience, so they are making up various stories about “nationalists”, “drug addicts” and “criminals”.

Also, the Kremlin, through propaganda and officially through its Ministry of Defence, calls the Ukrainian military “neo-Nazis”.

Even in this news item, they added SS to Vedmedi to show alleged affiliation with Germany during World War II. The SS has no relation to the Vedmedi, at least after they entered the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The photo in the headline is of their coats of arms and there is no mention of the SS.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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