A woman from Kyiv was detained on suspicion of collecting data on the location of the capital’s defense forces – Security Service of Ukraine

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine detained a 35-year-old resident of Kyiv for collecting data for the benefit of Russia, the agency reported on August 13.

“The woman, having an anti-Ukrainian position, collected information about the location of Ukrainian military units and strategically important objects of Kyiv’s critical infrastructure. She distributed relevant photo and video materials with coordinates through a specially created closed Telegram channel,” the Security Service of Ukraine reports.

According to the report, the counter-intelligence officers detained the woman while trying to transmit additional information about the location of the military. She was informed of the suspicion, although the Security Service of Ukraine does not specify the article of the charges.

The Prosecutor General’s Office clarifies that the suspect was detained while filming a military unit.

Source: Radio Svoboda

Link: https://www.radiosvoboda.org/a/news-kyianku-zatrymaly-za-zbir-danyh-sbu/31986417.html

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