Another body found in Kyiv region: whole family shot by Russians

Andrii Niebytov, head of the Chief Directorate of the National Police in Kyiv Oblast, has reported that another body of a civilian killed by the occupiers in February 2022 was found in the Kyiv region on 15 August.

Source: Niebytov on Telegram

Quote: “Yesterday [on 15 August] we found another body of a civilian who was killed during the occupation.

Russian troops opened fire on a car belonging to a 58-year old Bucha resident and his family at the end of February when civilians were trying to evacuate from the occupied district of Kyiv Oblast. The tragedy occurred on the road between the villages of Zdvyzhivka and Blystavytsia.”

Details: The man, his wife and their elder son, aged 17, were killed in the attack.

It is reported that a bullet also hit the head of 5-year old Anastasia, but the little girl’s life was miraculously saved by doctors.

Niebytov said the authorities had found the bodies of two members of the family in early April, and on 15 August the third body was discovered and examined.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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