Secretary of Zaporizhzhia City Council reports Russian attack on city, woman perishes

On the night of 18 August, the Russian occupiers attacked the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia with multiple rocket launch systems, as a result of which one person was killed and three were injured.

Source: secretary of the Zaporizhzhia City Council Anatolii Kurtiev on Telegram

Quote: “Around 3 o’clock in the morning, during the air raid, the Russian troops again attacked the outskirts of one of the districts of the city… Four rockets hit one of the infrastructure facilities of Zaporizhzhia. There is minor destruction. Unfortunately, during the attack, three people were injured and a woman died.

Details: According to the secretary of the city council, the Russian troops launched the attack from the Vasylivsky district.

Kurtiev called on the residents not to ignore the air raid alerts and to hide in the shelters.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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