Only 1 Russian missile out of 20 aimed on military targets, rest of them hit civilian infrastructure – Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) states that only one out of 20 Russian missile strikes in Ukraine hits a military target, while the rest hit civilian infrastructure.

Source: The SSU press service on Telegram

Quote: During the six months of the full-scale war, the world has been seeing the monstrous face of the Kremlin – thousands of dead Ukrainians, destroyed houses, children who have lost their parents.

Only one in 20 missile attacks by the Russian Federation was directed at a military target, [and] the remaining 19 hit residential buildings, schools, hospitals, universities… What[ever] Ukrainians built and created with their own hands, and what[ever] our peaceful life consisted of.

Details: The Security Service emphasises that no bloody crime committed by the Russian invaders will go unpunished.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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