Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy 2 Russian S-300 missile systems and damage Kakhova Bridge – Operational Command Pivden (South)

On 21 August, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two Russian S-300 missile systems, a Giatsint-S self-propelled gun and a Msta-S self-propelled howitzer in southern Ukraine.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Details: The Ukrainian Armed Forces have killed 20 Russian soldiers in southern Ukraine.

In addition, they destroyed a Russian surveillance radar, a Nebo-M mobile integrated multi-functional radar system for detecting aerodynamic and ballistic objects, two towed 120-calibre mortars and three armoured vehicles.

Russia’s total losses have yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian aircraft carried out two airstrikes on a Russian strong point and a concentration of Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment near Oleksandrivka and Burkhanivka.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have also “adjusted the carrying capacity of the Kakhovka bridge” [i.e., they struck the Kakhovka Bridge to prevent the Russian forces from using it to transport military equipment and personnel – ed.]

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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