Russian puppet leader in Zaporizhzhia killed in explosion

Russian media report that on the morning of 24 August, in the temporarily occupied village of Mykhailivka in Zaporizhzhia region, a car driven by Ivan Sushko, the Russian-appointed leader (“Gauleiter”), was blown up, killing Sushko.

Source: Volodymyr Rohov, a collaborator, on Telegram

Quote: “In Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ivan Sushko, the [Russian-appointed] head of the so-called “military administration” of Mykhailivka, died due to a deliberate car bombing.”

Details: According to the collaborator, an explosive device was placed under the seat of the car belonging to the village “head”. Sushko was injured and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where he died soon after. Rohov blamed Ukraine for the death of the Russian puppet.

Background: On 23 August it was reported that Ihor Telehin, a collaborator who held the position of “deputy” to the so-called “head of the internal policy department” of Kherson Oblast, was blown up in the temporarily occupied oblast. Russian media report that he survived. 

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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