Russian-appointed deputy leader taken to unknown destination with bag over his head in Russian-occupied Borova

Igor Poznyansky, the deputy of a Russian-appointed puppet leader, was taken to an unknown destination with a bag over his head in the village of Borova in Kharkiv Oblast, which is temporarily occupied by Russian forces.

Source: Borova Village Council on Facebook

Quote: “Russian-appointed Sergey Agarkov continues to head the hromada [amalgamated territorial community, an administrative unit designating a village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.]. He is aided by Russian troops and local collaborators; the composition of this inner circle is regularly changing. The occupation authorities remove some of Ukraine’s traitors [i.e., those who collaborate with Russian occupation authorities – ed.] from their positions; others just disappear.

Recently, Igor Poznyansky, a resident of the village of Pidlyman who was, until then, a deputy ‘Gauleiter’ in the village of Borova [Gauleiter is a term that referred to German governors of territories occupied by the Nazis in WWII; Ukrainian officials sometimes use the term for Russian-appointed leaders in the occupied territories of Ukraine – ed.], was abducted from his own house with a bag over his head and taken in an unknown direction.

Now the occupiers are removing their equipment from his courtyard and looting valuable possessions [from his house].”

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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