Russian-appointed puppet leader blown up in Berdiansk, he dies at hospital

An explosion occurred in occupied Berdiansk on 26 August. Oleksandr Koliesnikov, the so-called deputy head of the traffic police, died of shrapnel wounds. 

Source: [Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency] TASS referring to the statement of Berdiansk’s “authorities”,  Ria Novosti [Russian pro-government news agency]

Details: An explosion thundered near the Kryvorizkyi Hirnyk (Kryvyi Rih Mine Worker) health centre. Oleksandr Koliesnikov, who was appointed by the invaders as the deputy chief of the Berdiansk traffic police, was injured in the blast. He was taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds.

The occupiers blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an attempt on Koliesnikov’s life.

As of 16:20, Russian media reported that Koliesnikov died of his injuries.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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