Night strike in Zaporizhzhia: 9 high-rise buildings and 40 private houses damaged

Nine high-rise buildings and 40 private houses were damaged as a result of a Russian strike in Zaporizhzhia on Sunday night. 

Source: Anatolii Kurtiev, Acting Mayor of Zaporizhzhia, on Facebook

Quote: “9 multi-storey and dozens of private houses were damaged during a night strike of Russian occupation forces in Zaporizhzhia. 

In apartment buildings, the blast wave shattered windows and destroyed window frames in apartments and stairwells. 

40 private houses were also damaged. Unfortunately, two of them are completely destroyed.”

Details: The acting mayor noted that local utilities workers have estimated the level of damage and “given the residents of the affected houses a window film to cover the holes.” Restoration works on the buildings will begin on Monday.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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