Director of RT Krasovsky will be tried in absentia in Ukraine for calls for genocide

The indictment against the propagandist has already been submitted to the court. In his publications on social networks, he publicly calls for the destruction of Ukrainians.

Russian propagandist and RT director Anton Krasovsky will be tried in absentia in Ukraine for calling for genocide, the SBU press service reported.

“He repeatedly used all media platforms available to him to publicly call for the genocide of Ukrainians, the elimination of Ukraine’s independence and the overthrow of its constitutional system. The investigators of Ukpaini’s security services have collected a comprehensive evidence base to bring him to criminal responsibility,” the message reads.

In his publications on YouTube and Telegram, Krasovsky called on the Russian authorities to physically destroy Ukrainians: “Guys, it’s obvious that we need to get a hold of ourselves. Come together, stop thinking about “brothers”. They are not our brothers. I grew up there, I say knowingly: Kill! Let’s! Enough!”

Currently, the pre-trial investigation under Part 2 of Art. 442 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (genocide, public calls for genocide, as well as production of materials with calls for genocide for the purpose of their distribution or distribution of such materials).

The suspicion of the director of RT was announced in June 2022.

In January, the propagandist Krasovsky threatened to burn Ukrainians on Khreshchatyk. It was added to the EU sanctions list.

Source: Media Detector


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