Russian patrol team in Mariupol lured out and blown up – Advisor to Mariupol Mayor

Ukrainian resistance used a Russian mine to blow up a patrol unit of Russian occupiers on the night of 28 August. One of the Russians was killed on the spot; the other one lost his leg in the explosion.

Source: Petro Andriushchenko, Advisor to Mariupol Mayor, on Telegram

Quote: “Around 02:00 [on 29 August], the occupiers’ patrol [team] was blown up near Kotsiubynskyi Street, 5. The Resistance lured the patrol out by claiming that Azovites [soldiers from the Azov Regiment] were hiding [in the building located] at that address. As a result, one occupier lost a leg and is in a hospital in Donetsk. The other [Russian] now gets to perform with Kobzon [i.e., was killed; Iosif Kobzon was a Russian singer who has become a symbol of an outdated Soviet aesthetic; he died in 2018 – ed.]

The most interesting detail is that the occupiers blew themselves up with their own mines; there’s loads of them in that area and the [Russian] explosive specialists have been ignoring them so far. Well, that’s what came out of that; we used this opportunity.”

Details: Andriushchenko also reports that Ukrainian flags are beginning to appear here and there in the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol. On 28 August, one was seen in central Mariupol and on the morning of 29 August, another one appeared on an outbuilding located between School No.63 and School No.64. The Russian occupiers are tearing down Ukrainian flags and searching for “partisans”.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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