Car belonging to occupier appointed as “head of traffic police” blown up in Kherson region

A car belonging to one of the occupiers has been blown up in Kherson Oblast; the man was appointed by Russians to work as “the Acting Head of the duty unit of the traffic police.” The reports say he was not injured.

Source: [Russian state-owned news agency] TASS; Ivan Fedorov, the Mayor of Melitopol on Telegram channel; [Russian outlet] Baza on Telegram

Details: Collaborators told Russian media that an explosive device went off next to the occupier’s car while he was driving with his family.

It is noted that no one was injured in the explosion.

Officially, the name of the occupier is not mentioned in the media, but the Russian Telegram channel reported that the man’s surname is Sneshin.

This is not the first attempt on collaborators, traitors and occupiers in the territories that are temporarily occupied by the Russians. At least two occupiers have been killed already.

In addition, the mayor of occupied Melitopol (Zaporizhzhia region – ed.) reported that on the night of August 30, partisans destroyed several occupiers in the cityAt the same time, Russian media claim that “peaceful life is gradually being restored” in the Kherson region.

Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of occupied Melitopol [Zaporizhzhia Oblast- ed.] reported that on the night of 29 August, partisans killed several occupiers in the town. 

Quote from Fedorov: “The occupiers probably did not even know it is so hot in the South, in every sense of the word. In turn, the Resistance Movement reminds them it is true, almost every day.

So far we know that a number of Melitopol occupiers who decided to watch the burning of the collaborator’s base in Mykhailivka have been killed.”

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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