“Ukraine has not yet perished”: radio in Crimea attacked by hackers

A radio station website was hacked in occupied Crimea, and the Ukrainian national anthem was broadcast instead.

Source: report of Radio Crimea staff on the website; Oleg Kriuchkov, the so-called “Deputy Head of Crimea”, on Telegram; anonymous Telegram-channels

Quote: “The online broadcasting of the Radio Crimea was hacked but will be fixed soon. The radio was hacked on Tuesday, during one of the afternoon broadcast segments. It happened in the process area outside of the radio station”.

Details: Kriuchkov claims that the online segment and satellite transmitters were the only ones that were affected. The broadcasting will be renewed as soon as possible. The collaborator also added that non-stop attacks on Crimean TV channels and radio stations have been taking place for two weeks already.

Anonymous Telegram channels report that the national anthem of Ukraine was broadcast on the radio.

Source: Ukrainian pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/08/30/7365364/

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