Russia refuses to provide special passes for IAEA mission in Zaporizhzhia

So-called authorities from the occupied area of Zaporizhzhia Oblast announced that they would not grant any special passes for the participants of the IAEA mission to expedite their travel to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). However, occupation authorities added that they expect the mission to arrive in Enerhodar on the morning of 1 September. 

Source: Vladimir Rogov, the collaborator, who refers to himself as a member of the main council of the occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast of Ukraine, on TelegramTASS [Russian news agency] 

Quote: “The IAEA mission will stand in line to get to the liberated [captured by the Russians – ed.] part of Zaporizhia Oblast. That’s because they will not get special passes.”

Details: The occupier Rogov noted that the IAEA mission members “could quickly and easily get there from Russia.”

At the same time, Russian media report that referring to “local authorities”, that the military administration of occupied Enerhodar expects the mission to arrive in the town on the morning of 1 September.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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