Russians fire at Enerhodar, town council building damaged

Yevhen Yevtushenko, Head of the Nikopol District Military Administration, has reported that Russian forces are attacking Enerhodar; the Enerhodar Town Council building has been damaged.

Source: Yevtushenko on Telegram; Dmytro Orlov, Mayor of Enerhodar, on Telegram; Enerhodar City Council on Facebook

Quote from Yevtushenko: “On the opposite bank [of the Dnipro River], the Russian army is shelling Enerhodar. The purpose of this action is to create a suitable picture for the IAEA commission and to form a pool of local residents who, under the media’s cameras, inform the commission about the attack on the city from our side of the reservoir.”

Details: Dmytro Orlov, Mayor of Enerhodar, published a photo of the town council building with broken windows and a damaged facade, but did not specify what exactly had happened.

Local Telegram channels report that the administrative building was hit by a drone. 

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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