Dolphins are dying en masse in the Black Sea — law enforcement officers have opened a case of ecocide against the background of the actions of the Russian Federation

Prosecutors of the Specialized Environmental Prosecutor’s Office of the Odesa Regional Prosecutor’s Office opened a case due to the mass destruction of objects of the animal world (azov dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, etc.) as a result of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine.

This was reported in the regional office of the prosecutor’s office.

Investigators have established that since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, a large number of dead marine mammals have been found on the beaches of Odesa.

The probable cause of their mass death is the use of sonar devices (sonars) by Russian vessels on submarines and surface boats. The latter create powerful sounds that negatively affect the health of animals.

At the initiative of the prosecutor’s office, specialists conducted examinations and autopsies of cetaceans — porpoises and common dolphins (white-sided dolphins) found dead on the coasts.

Details: During the autopsy of the animals, specialists took samples of organs and tissues for further laboratory research of pathologies. This will make it possible to establish the causes of the death of marine mammals.

The collected samples will be sent for research at the University of Padua (Italy). There will be a separate study of the structures of the inner ear of mammals at the University of Hannover (Germany).

Source: Public television


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