A Russian soldier told his wife about the losses of his company and looting

Source: This was mentioned in the next intercept, which was made public by the Main Directorate of Intelligence, reports Ukrinform.

Direct speech: “They have to change now. By the 15th or after the 15th. It is our company, because there are very few of us left. There is no one, that’s all. Only the 200th and 300th,” the occupier said.

Details: He also noted that he satisfied his hunger with products stolen from the homes of Ukrainians.

Direct speech: “Chicken rice with vegetables – from dry food. And adjika on top. Where did he get the adjika? He went to how many houses there are, went in, looted – and that’s it,” he boasts.

Source: Ukrinform

Link: https://www.ukrinform.ua/rubric-ato/3567293-vijskovij-rf-iz-rozbitoi-roti-rozpoviv-druzini-ak-maroderit-v-ukraini.html

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