In three days, the Armed Forces destroyed Russian air targets worth 157.5 million dollars – the command

During three days, from September 5 to 7, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down Russian air targets for a total amount of more than 157 million dollars – this is stated in the statement of the command on the morning of September 10.

Direct speech: “In just three days of war, the occupiers blew away about 157.5 million US dollars. And we are talking only about the means of air attack: cruise missiles, airplanes and helicopters, destroyed by units of anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force, air defense of the Ground Forces and the Defense Forces during September 5-7,” the headquarters declare.

Details: The Air Force called the Kh-101 cruise missile the most expensive missile in Russia’s arsenal.

Direct speech: “So, the enemy launched six X-101s over Ukraine on September 5 (five of them were shot down by air defense of the Air Force). The estimated cost of the X-101 is $13 million per unit. 13 x 6 = 78 million dollars,” the command reports.

Source: Radio Svoboda


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