Russia is increasingly receiving weapons from countries such as Iran and North Korea, its own stockpile is shrinking – British intelligence

Russia is “almost certainly” increasingly acquiring weapons from other heavily sanctioned states such as Iran and North Korea as its own stockpile dwindles, British intelligence said on September 14.

Russia probably deployed Iranian drones in Ukraine for the first time. On September 13, 2022, Ukrainian officials reported that their forces shot down a Shahed-136 UAV near Kupyansk, in the area of ​​Ukraine’s successful offensive,” the statement quoted the British Ministry of Defense as saying.

Shahed-136 is a single-action UAV with a claimed range of 2,500 kilometers. Similar Iranian-made systems were likely used during attacks in the Middle East, in particular against the oil tanker MT MERCER STREET in July 2021, the intelligence said.

Source: Radio Svoboda


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