In Zaporozhyzha, a farmer saved 400 hectares of crops from the consequences of shelling

On the eve of Rescuer’s Day, which this year will be celebrated in Ukraine on Saturday, September 17, employees of the State Emergency Service awarded farmer Oleksandr Horokholinsky from the village of Pavlivka, Zaporizhzhia district.

The man prevented 400 hectares of wheat from igniting after being hit by an enemy missile. Before rescuers arrived, he plowed the field around the unexploded shell and created a safe zone. This story happened in the middle of July, when the harvest was going on in the region.

“There was a wheat field of about 200 hectares. Plus another 200 hectares across the road. It had to be plowed, because it was visible from afar that there had been burning. And at night there was a little rain and it did not allow it to spread over the entire massif. I decided to sit down myself. The vibration from the tractor — very strong. I’ll be honest – I was afraid, I was worried about my family. I wasn’t afraid for myself. One round went by, the second was the third. The emergency services arrived, they decided to blow it up. I begged with tears, I said: guys, you can’t blow it up – the bread will disappear. From the explosion there will be a fire and it will catch fire, it’s already dry, the wind, even this plowing, it wouldn’t help,” the man says.

The rescuers dismantled the combat part of the rocket and took it out for disposal, and the body was put in a truck and taken to the fields.

“And we began to find the wreckage of this rocket with the combine harvesters ourselves, to catch them. There was a square somewhere – one and a half kilometers by one and a half kilometers. In two or three days, we collected 80% of the wreckage,” says the farmer.

Source: Social News


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