The enemy continues to shell the border areas of the Sumy region and Chernihiv region

Ворог продовжує обстрілювати прикордоння Сумщини та Чернігівщини

The enemy continues to shell the Ukrainian border of the Sumy and Chernihiv regions. Five communities of the Sumy region and three communities of the Chernihiv region came under enemy fire.

This is stated in the message of the DPSU.

The enemy inflicted fire damage using unmanned aerial vehicles, mortars, barrel, and jet artillery. The enemy fired from the Russian settlements of Tyotkino, Popovo-Lezhachi, Poroz, Kozine, Lokot, Guevo, Chornozemny Horodok, Lomakovka, and Bezimeno. The administrative building and economic buildings of the men’s monastery were damaged. Livestock in the monastery farm died from shrapnel wounds.

Source: Ukrinform


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