The Russians bring medicine and medics to Luhansk region for their military

The Russian invaders are bringing medicine to the captured territories of the Luhansk region exclusively for their military, and residents are outraged by the forced discharge from hospitals and refusals of hospitalization.

The Luhansk Regional Military Administration reports this in Telegram.

In addition to rearranging the beds to meet the needs of wounded Russians, medical institutions are running out of medicine, but the invaders ignore this issue. Everything imported from the Russian Federation is directed to the needs of the military, RMA emphasizes.

Medics were also “brought in from the regions of Russia to help. The personnel are exclusively concerned with the health of the invaders, and the local population does not receive medical assistance,” the RMA noted.

The Russians are continuing the implementation of compulsory passporting measures. Budget workers and pensioners are the first in line, threatened with being left without money.

Source: Ukrinform


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