“Our troops are a few kilometers from Kreminna,” – Gaidai

Source: Gaidai on the air of the telethon

Direct speech:Our troops are a few kilometers from Kreminnaya. I hope that by the New Year there will be news about the de-occupation of settlements in the region.”

Details: Gaidai noted that the de-occupation of the Luhansk region would be very difficult because the Russians “prepared well” to defend their positions.

The head of the OVA noted that “the Russians have placed their last trained units near Svatove and Kreminna.

In addition, Gaidai is convinced that the winter weather will facilitate the rapid movement of equipment at the front.

He also mentioned the partisans in the Luhansk region, thanks to whom “a certain “cotton” is produced.”

Source: Ukrainian truth

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/12/10/7380143/

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