Росіяни скинули надпотужну бомбу на драмтеатр Маріуполя

600 people died in the Mariupol Drama Theater – mass media

An Associated Press investigation says the Russian attack on the Mariupol Drama Theater was actually much more deadly than expected, killing about 600 people inside and outside the building. Details: The publication reconstructed a 3D model of the building based on eyewitness accounts, two sets of floor plans of the theater, photographs and videos taken […]

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ексгумація тіл_Буча

The bodies of 20 more people killed by Russians were found in the Kyiv region

Yesterday, on May 3, the bodies of 20 more people killed by the Russian occupiers were found in the Kyiv region. In total, law enforcement officers have already found and identified 1,235 victims in the region. The chief of police of the Kyiv region Andriy Nebytov reported about it on the TV marathon broadcast. The […]

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In Zaporizhzhia, the Russians are holding more than 100 civilians in captivity

In the Zaporizhzhia region, the occupying forces continue to hold 103 civilians in captivity. This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to the Zaporizhzhia State Military Administration. In total, 238 cases of abduction of civilians by the occupying troops have been recorded in the region. However, 135 people have already been released from captivity. As […]

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300 residents of Mariupol are in a village near Vladivostok, Russia. They do not have money and documents – the mayor’s adviser

Three hundred residents of Mariupol were deported to Vladivostok, Russia, where they are resettled in a nearby village. They were placed in a kind of hotel or dormitory. The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported about it. According to him, 300 Ukrainians are in the village of Wrangel on the shores of […]

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Туреччина також купує українське зерно, яке вкрала Росія, – посол

Russians stole half a million tons of grain from the occupied territories

The Russian invaders stole more than 400,000 tons of grain – a third of all grain stocks in the occupied territory of Ukraine. This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Vysotsky on Espresso. Commentary: First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Vysotsky: “About 1.3 million tons of […]

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