Дмитро Кулеба

The battle for Donbas will remind us of the Second World War – Minister of Foreign Affairs

The battle between Ukraine and the Russian aggressor for Donbas will be similar to the Second World War, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba Quote: “I’m sorry to say this, but it’s true: the battle for Donbas will remind you of World War II, with major operations, manoeuvres, thousands of tanks, armoured […]

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Almost 90% of those killed in Bucha were shot dead – the mayor

As of April 6, 320 civilians were killed. Almost 90% of those killed in Bucha, Kyiv region, suffered bullet wounds instead of shrapnel wounds. The mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk told about it in interview to DW. In Bucha, 112 private houses were completely destroyed, and 18 apartment buildings were severely damaged by artillery and […]

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Україна зараз

Since the beginning of the war, the EU has paid Russia 35 times more for gas than it has allocated to Ukraine

European countries have paid Russia 35 billion euros for energy since the start of the war in Ukraine. The European Union has paid Russia 35 times more for energy than it has provided Ukraine with weapons since the Russian military invasion began on February 24. This was announced by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs […]

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Russians launch nearly 50 attacks on Kharkiv overnight

Russian forces launched 48 strikes from MLRS, artillery and mortars on Kharkiv’s civilian infrastructure overnight, the Regional State Administration has said.  According to Sinehubov: “Three people wer killed as a result of yesterday’s artillery shelling in Balakliia. The Russians hit Lozova with missiles during the night, with no casualties. I would like to remind you […]

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Сенат США схвалив закон, який передбачає ленд-ліз для України

The US Senate has approved a law providing for a lend-lease for Ukraine

Late Wednesday, the US Senate unanimously passed an important bill to restore the program of World War II, which will allow President Joe Biden to more effectively send weapons and other supplies to Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. The senators quickly backed the proposal, known as a lend-lease, as the Ukrainian military proved it could fend […]

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