На Донеччині за день росіяни вбили 3 і поранили 4 людей

In the Donetsk region, Russians killed 3 and wounded 4 people in one day

On Saturday, as a result of the actions of the Russian occupiers in the Donetsk region, 3 people were killed and 4 were injured. Source: Pavlo Kyrylenko, the Head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, in Telegram Direct speech: “On May 14, the Russians killed 3 civilians in the Donetsk region: two in Bogorodychne and […]

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The evacuation convoy from Mariupol was allowed towards Zaporizhzhia: they waited for 3 days

A large convoy from 500 to 1,000 cars from Mariupol, which had been at the occupation checkpoint for more than three days, was finally allowed towards Zaporizhzhia. Source: Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko in the Telegram Direct speech: “A huge convoy of cars with the residents of Mariupol (from 500 to 1,000 […]

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The enemy continues to storm Azovstal: drops bombs, uses heavy artillery and tanks

In Mariupol, at the Azovstal steel plant, our military continue to defend themselves heroically. The enemy keeps on storming the plant. Defenders of “Azovstal” reported that the Russian invaders dropped bombs on the plant. This continues throughout the whole 80th day of the full-scale invasion of the aggressor country. The enemy uses various types of […]

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Рідні захисників "Азовсталі" просять Китай втрутитися у ситуацію

Azovstal’s defenders are asking China to intervene

Relatives of Azovstal defenders called on China to help with the extraction of Ukrainian troops from Mariupol. Source: relatives of the fighters at a press conference on May 14 General statement of relatives of defenders in Mariupol: “We ask China to intervene and become a peacemaker in this war, to become a lifeline for our […]

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Україна відстояла Харків, росіяни вирішили повністю залишити позиції — американські аналітики

Ukraine defended Kharkiv, the Russians decided to completely abandon the positions – American analysts

The Russian military has probably decided to abandon its positions around Kharkiv altogether. Source: Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) Details: According to ISW, “Ukraine seems to have won the battle for Kharkiv”: Ukrainian forces did not allow Russian troops to surround the city, let alone seize it. The Russians […]

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