дитячий садок у підвалі

Russian invaders kidnap children to terrorize locals

This was reported by the State Border Guard Service. In particular, in the temporarily occupied territories of Kharkiv region, the Russians ordered local collaborators to kidnap the two sons of a man who allegedly had a weapon. Later, the kidnappers began to blackmail the man. He admitted that he had a machine gun that he […]

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Russia’s decision to allow only payments in rubles for gas will be a problem for everyone

This was stated by Serbian President Alexander Vuchich. According to Vuchich, after Russia’s statement, gas prices have risen by 25%. A number of EU countries are considering refusing to pay for gas in rubles, including Germany, Italy and Austria. Poland has already announced its refusal to pay for Russian gas in rubles. PGNiG President Pavlo […]

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In Chernihiv region, the occupants did not destroy a single military facility: only kindergartens and hospitals

The head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Viacheslav Chaus announced what the consequences of the shelling by the occupants are in the city.  According to him, not a single military facility was destroyed. Hospitals, kindergartens, schools, stadiums, libraries and residential buildings are shelled by the occupants. “They hit residential buildings and social facilities. This […]

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The occupiers are destroying Ukrainian literature and history textbooks in the occupied territories, – GUR of the Ministry of Defense

In the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk, Donetsk, Chernihiv and Sumy regions, the seizure of Ukrainian historical and fiction literature has begun, which does not coincide with the postulates of Kremlin propaganda. To do this, Russian units of the military police are involved. At present, in addition to repressive actions, they perform […]

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Ukraine exchanged prisoners of war with Russia in a “10 to 10” format

Verbatim: ” Today, by order of President Zelensky, the first full-fledged exchange of prisoners of war took place. In exchange for 10 captured occupants, we got out 10 of our servicemen. Also, today we sent to Russia 11 civilian Russian sailors, whom we had rescued from the sunken ship near Odesa. As a result of […]

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In Kharkiv, the occupants fired on people standing in line for help

Occupants yet again shelled the Kharkiv region. This time the civilian population was affected. During the shelling, people waiting in line for humanitarian aid were injured. This is reported by “Suspilne Kharkiv”. It is known that there are injured people as a result of shelling. So far more detailed information and the number of victims […]

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Russian propagandists were brought to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and they are making fake movies

On March 24, a group of Russian propagandists arrived at the occupied Chernobyl nuclear power plant to make a new fake “movie” about the station. Energoatom and SNRCU reported this in its Telegram.  Comment: Energoatom state enterprise: “On March 24, a “fresh” group of racist propagandists arrived at the Russian-occupied Chernobyl nuclear power plant to […]

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Residents of Mariupol are massively captured and deported to Russia

Residents of the Left Bank of Mariupol are beginning to be deported massively to Russia. About 15,000 Mariupol residents were illegally deported, the City Council said. It is noted that a third of all residents in the Left Bank of the city have already been deported. The City Council reports that the occupiers are ultimately […]

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Макс Левін

Russia has already committed 148 crimes against journalists and the media since the beginning of the war against Ukraine

Russia committed 148 crimes against journalists and the media during the month of the war against Ukraine. The occupiers are killing and kidnapping journalists, capturing newsrooms and blowing up TV towers. This was reported by the Institute of Mass Media. The occupiers killed five journalists, who worked on their duty, and wounded seven. One journalist […]

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