Волновахи більше не існує

Volnovakha no longer exists, and Mariupol, under the control of the Armed Forces, is the head of the OVA

During the telethon, the head of the Donetsk regional military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko said that key cities, including Mariupol, were under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the city of Volnovakha was actually destroyed. The head of the OVA stressed that the shelling is along the entire line of demarcation – Avdiivka, […]

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Spotify is completely suspending its work in Russia due to changes in legislation

This was announced by a company spokesman in a comment to The Guardian. According to him, the new legislation “continues to restrict access to information, eliminates freedom of expression and criminalizes certain types of news.” This endangers the security of Spotify employees and listeners of the platform. The decision to suspend its activities was made […]

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The Russians destroyed a rehabilitation center for children in Mariupol

The enemy turned into ruins another example of the city’s cooperation with international partners. The Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Mariupol was opened only in the autumn of 2021 after reconstruction. The Mariupol City Council added that Russian «liberators» destroyed the place that was created to save the lives of children.  Comment: Mariupol City Council “Obviously, […]

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The Russians took hostage the mayors of 14 cities of Ukraine

During the information telethon, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk said that the Russian occupiers had captured 14 mayors. Vereshchuk stressed that Russia wants the exchange of prisoners to take place only on parity. Comment: Iryna Vereshchuk “Here Russia demands parity, say, border guards for border guards, sailors […]

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Kyiv Regional Military Administration: Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Makariv are the fiercest points and the enemy came close to Slavutych

Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Makariv are the fiercest points in the Kyiv region. The enemy came close to Slavutych in the Vyshhorod district.  Comment: Head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Pavliuk “In the last 24 hours, the enemy has not succeeded in any of the areas. The sabotage groups are being fought. The defense […]

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Mariupol city council reports 300 deaths at the Drama Theatre

Mariupol city council has stated that about 300 people died in the Mariupol Drama Theatre as a result of the bombing by a Russian aircraft. Source: Mariupol City Council. “Eyewitnesses have reported that about 300 people died in the Mariupol Drama Theatre as a result of the bombing by a Russian aircraft. To the end I […]

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Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv medical centre with “Grad” multiple rocket launchers, while it distributed humanitarian aid – 4 people killed

On the morning of 25 March, in the Osnovyansky district of Kharkiv, artillery and “Grad” multiple rocket launchers shelled the city’s medical centre, where staff were distributing humanitarian aid. Four people were killed. Details: in addition to those killed, 7 others were injured. Source: head of Kharkiv region Oleg Sinegubov.   “Obviously, the enemy wants to sow panic […]

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Чернігів_викрали людей

Chernihiv region: Russians kidnap community leader and businessman

The Russian occupiers have kidnapped two people in the Snovsk municipality of the Chernihiv region: the head of the Snov territorial community, Olexandr Medvediov, and businessman and former regional council deputy Grigory Bozhko. This information was confirmed to “Suspilne”  by the head of the Koryukivka district military administration Ivan Vashchenko.  According to him, the occupiers […]

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The occupiers hit an oil depot near Kyiv

On March 24, at about 8 pm in Kalynivka, Fastiv district, Kyiv region, as a result of shelling by Russian troops, ammunition hit the oil depot with subsequent fire. Details: It is noted that as of 6 p.m. On March 25, the burning of oil residues was observed within the embankment of the oil depot’s […]

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Russians fire missiles at a military unit on the outskirts of the Dnipro

Russian troops have fired two missiles at a military unit on the outskirts of Dnipro. Source: State Emergency Service (SES) in the Dnipropetrovsk Region, “Shid” (“East”) Air Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine According to the SES: “At approximately 22:38, Russia launched 2 missile strikes at one of the military units on the outskirts of Dnipro. The […]

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