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12 Bodies discovered under ruins of Mykolayiv regional administration, 33 wounded

While clearing the rubble of the building of  Mykolayiv’s regional administration, rescue workers counted the bodies of 12 casualties.  Details: In the devastated area the bodies of 12 people were discovered, additional 33 were injured in the attack.  Earlier DSNS rescued 18 from under the rabble, who were then handed off to the ER medic […]

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The occupiers struck at the airfield in the Khmelnytskyi region

Russian occupation forces struck the Khmelnytskyi region on Tuesday, March 29. The airfield in the town of Starokostiantyniv came under fire. According to preliminary data, there weren’t any injured people during the enemy attack. However, fuel and lubricant reserves were destroyed. Comment: Mayor of Starokostiantyniv Mykola Melnychuk. “The Russian aggressor once again struck at the […]

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The UN has reported more than 3,000 civilian casualties

The UN said that as of the 33rd day of the war in Ukraine, 1,179 civilians died, and 1,860 Ukrainians were injured. Among the killed are 104 children. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine noted were 144 deaths of minors as of the 34th day of the war in Ukraine. According to the […]

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Omsk and Sakhalin: Denisova told where Ukrainians were forcibly deported

It is reported that the Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine Liudmyla Denisova asked her Russian colleague Tatiana Moskalkova lists of Ukrainians who were forcibly deported to Russia.  According to Radio Svoboda, Denisova estimates the number of deported Ukrainians at half a million.  According to her, the first 90,000 were taken from the territories of […]

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Hundreds of millions of Europeans are threatened by radiation because of the Russians – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports on its Facebook page that the occupiers are deliberately using the Chornobyl zone to transport and accumulate ammunition.  In addition, the General Staff warns that the activities of Russian occupation forces in the Chornobyl zone could lead to radiation contamination of hundreds of millions of […]

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Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military has committed seven types of war crimes

Human rights activists conclude that the following core international crimes have been committed. 1) Violation of the principle of distinction and indiscriminate attacks (example: rocket-bomb attack on the building of the Drama Theater in besieged Mariupol). 2) Attacks on objects under special protection (example: shelling of the territory of PJSC “Sumykhimprom” and damage to the […]

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Another mayor kidnapped in Kherson region

Russian occupying troops have kidnapped the Mayor of Russian-occupied Hola Prystan in the Kherson region. Source: Prosecutor General’s Office According to the investigation, on 28 March military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation kidnapped the Head of the Hola Prystan City Council at gunpoint and are currently holding him hostage. The circumstances […]

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Russian occupiers are conducting raids on the outskirts of Kherson

The Russian military is conducting raids in the suburbs of Kherson: checking documents, looking for weapons, stealing cars. This was reported by Public Kherson in its Telegram. On Tuesday morning, armed groups of the Russian military began searching households in the village of Komyshany in the Shumen district of Kherson. Locals say that the Russian […]

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More than 350 people have died in Chernihiv since the beginning of the war

In Chernihiv, 350-400 people died during the war, 30-40 wounded were hospitalized every day, and the city continues to be shelled. This was announced by Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko on the national telethon. Comment: Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko: “We have already killed 350 people in the city. This is not the final data. We have […]

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The Russians covered the Kharkiv region from Grad: about 280 shellings per day

The Russian occupiers continue to destroy the Kharkiv region – during the day the districts of Kharkiv and the region were shelled 46 times, 280 shellings from “Grad” were also recorded, one person was killed and some were injured. Comment: the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov: During the past 24hrs, the […]

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144 children killed in Ukraine by Russian missiles and bombs. These numbers exclude Mariupol

144 children were killed and 220 children were wounded due to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine as of 29 March. These statistics exclude children that were killed in Mariupol. According to a government estimate, as of 27 March, nearly 5,000 people have been killed, including 210 children. The exact number of victims cannot be […]

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