Russia has fired more than 1,300 missiles at Ukraine

Russia has launched 1,300 missiles of various calibers in Ukraine, of which Russia has halved since the beginning of the invasion.

This was announced by Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar on the air of the all-Ukrainian telethon.

Comment: Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar:

“According to our data, their stocks have already more than halved. This is since February 24, when they are actively using them throughout Ukraine. Approximate figures, which are currently called – more than 1,000 missiles. More precisely, more than 1,300 missiles. If we consider that the stock has halved, we can count how much is left. “

She stressed that there is a production of missiles in Russia, but it is complicated because the components were imported to them. Earlier, the aggressor country bought them abroad. The painter believes that this will create big problems for the Russian army, as the remaining missiles will be enough for only a few months of war, and it will take several years to restore supplies.

Source: Mirror of the Week


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