The journalist from Hromadske Victoria Roshchina was reportedly detained by Russian occupying forces

Вікторія Рощина_журналістка

From the beginning of the Russian invasion, the journalist from Hromadske Victoria Roshchina has been recording videos and writing articles from hot spots in the East and West of Ukraine.

On March 11, we published the text, in which she described her life in temporarily occupied Energodar. In the evening on March 11, Victoria Roshchina, probably, was on her way from Zaporizhia to Mariupol. She had bad cell service and that is why we almost had no possibility to talk to her on the phone. The only thing that we knew is that she had already left Energodar.

On March 12,  we could not connect with Victoria.

On March 16, we found out that on the eve ( most likely on March 15 ) Victoria Roshchina was arrested by the FSB of the Russian Federation. Currently we do not have any information about her location.

For 48 hours, we worked hard to rescue the journalist in a non-public way. But it was inconclusive. This is why we are asking the Ukrainian and international community to join the release of journalist Victoria Roshchina.

Source: Hromadske


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