Two mass graves with bodies of civilians found in Borodianka


Two mass graves containing the bodies of 9 civilians, including a 15-year-old girl, have been found in Borodianka village, Kyiv oblast.

Details: On 20 April, two burial places of civilians killed by Russian aggressors were found in Borodianka village.

The bodies of two 35-year-old friends were found in one grave, and the body of a 15-year-old girl was found next to them.

In the second burial place, law enforcement officers found the bodies of six people – four men and two women. Four bodies have been identified as local residents, but the names of two of the deceased remain unknown.

The bodies of all the deceased were taken to morgues in the Kyiv region for further examination. The identified bodies will then be handed over to relatives for burial.

Quote from Kyiv Police Chief Andrii Niebytov: “These people were killed by the aggressors, and there are signs of torture on some of the victims. I want to emphasise that these people were civilians.

Russian military personnel deliberately shot dead civilians who offered no resistance and posed no threat.”

Sourse: Ukrainian Pravda


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